Leadership Styles Of A Nurse Leader

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Nurse Leadership Styles
Rachel R Steanburg
Lake Michigan College

Nursing leaders are able to take on many different leadership styles in their management positions. Such types of leadership include Democratic style, Affiliative style, Transformational style and Authoritarian style. Leaders that are able to switch between different leadership styles are able to lead their teams in all different situations and will in turn gain the respect of their team. Nurse leaders need to lead in a way that allows their team to have full confidence in the leader’s ability to keep calm and maintain working conditions that ensure patient safety and compliance.

Nurse Leadership Styles Leadership is just one aspect of nursing. Leadership can be something as simple as leading your “team” of nursing staff through a particular shift all the way to becoming a Director of Nursing in a hospital. One way the success of a leader can be measured is by the influential ability to get employees to reach the same goals of both the leader and the organization. Leaders are able to use many different styles to direct their employees. The situation, end goal and particular leader will help determine which type of leadership is warranted.
A leader establishes a vision, autonomy and empowers employees to think critically in every situation. A leader should have many different roles such as clearly communicating expected standards to their team members and encouraging team members to be actively

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