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Reflection – Leadership That Gets Results The first comment before the article starts is vastly important. Most effective leaders use a variety of leadership styles in order to achieve maximum performance from organizations, teams, and individuals. The ability to act as a chameleon as a leader has huge benefits and allows you to tackle many different types of leadership situations. In order to achieve the best results a leader must be able to use many different leadership styles to accomplish their organizations goals. The six basic styles of leadership presented (Coercive, Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic, and Coaching) can have either a net positive or net negative affect on an organizations climate. The basis for being …show more content…

Also, when combining Authoritative and Affiliative those had the most impact on an organizations climate. I would tend to agree and think that it is very important to get a vision set in an organization and have the ability to foster harmony and build meaningful relationships with the ones you work with. One of my Battalion Commanders always stated that people are our most valuable asset. If you can give people vision and treat them with dignity, respect and foster mutual reliance and friendship you can accomplish a great deal. I often try to use a good bit of democratic leadership when trying to gather information on a difficult decision and to try and get buy-in from people in my organization. It helps me to understand where they are coming from and how I can best meet their needs and customer needs. It entails a lot of listening, but I think it usually pays off when you have heard people out on where they stand. Even though you cannot make everyone happy, you at least took the time to listen and hopefully are able to make the best decision with the information you have. Going back to EI, it is very beneficial how the authors give you the underlying EI competencies needed for each leadership style. I for one can look at those and work on those areas that I’m deficient in. An even better way to understand your deficiencies is to use 360 degree feedback as mentioned in the article. All military leaders are now required to use 360 feedback as a tool to help

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