Leadership Theory Of Leadership And Leadership Model

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There are so many dimensions and concept to the very idea of what is leadership, how to define leadership, what traits and characteristics makes a great leader, and what is the purpose of leadership. It can be about perspective and whom it is that defines what makes a leader because in some environments the term leadership and management are interchangeable. A leader is more than the authority figurehead that controls the decision-making and direction of a group of people. According to Fairholm & Fairholm (2009) a leader will create a culture of trust, progress, and growth that enables the workers/followers to grow mature and develop to their fullest potential and at the same time to develop the leader skills (Fairholm & Fairholm, 2009, p. 2).

The three leadership models selected were Healthcare Leadership Model, Servant Leadership Model, and Adaptive Leadership Model and the selected topic of this paper is “Leadership behind Prison Walls.” The prison milieu is a place where security is a top priority and to ensure that it remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind then adequate leadership must be in place to guide and develop workers. The terms leadership and management are often blurred and used to mean the same thing—the supervision of workers. The endless arsenal of leadership research has done much to identify characteristics and traits while investigating historical leadership figures to discover what allowed them to rise into their position of

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