Leadership Vision Paper

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Leadership Vision Paper

Leadership Vision Paper
The vision statement continues the expression of the desired service and the level of achievement necessary to achieve the mission. The values selected are those that support example of innovation-based mission, vision, and values statement (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2011.)
My vision statement is: To treat all patients with dignity and respect at all times. To explain not only what I am about to do for them, but why. I will provide Evidence-based research, when available, for their knowledge. I will allow them autonomy, in their decisions. I will provide each patient compassion and empathy, at all times. I will remember they are a person not just a patient.
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By giving them evidence-based research I am providing them with the tools so they can be more informed. By being more informed, they have a better understanding of their situation. By them understanding their situation, they will then have autonomy. Allowing the patient autonomy, gains respect from the patient for the nurse. Hence, making the nursing profession the most honest and ethical profession over the last decade. So, I continue to keep my vision statement close at hand.

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