Leadership in Innovation

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LEADERSHIP The activity of leading a group of people or an organization or the ability to do this. Leadership involves (1) establishing a clear vision, (2) sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, (3) providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision, and (4) coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders. Leadership is "organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal". ROLE OF LEADERSHIP IN TECHNOLOGY GENERATION Technology is now an integral part of learning and the ability to learn and use technology is quickly becoming a…show more content…
Innovation includes three different stages, which are all dynamic and iterative (constant): 1. Idea Generation 2. Evaluation 3. Implementation The two types of innovation include exploratory innovation, which involves generating brand new ideas, and exploitative innovation, which involves modifying and improving ideas that already exist.[10][11][12][13] It is of importance to note that the ideas generated need to be useful in order to be considered innovative. Innovation should also not be confused with creativity, which is merely the generation of a novel idea that may not necessarily be put into operation, although these words are sometimes used interchangeably in research literature when speaking about innovation leadership. Innovation leadership is a quite complex concept, as there is no single explanation or formula for a leader to follow to increase innovation. As a result, innovation leadership encompasses a variety of different, activities, actions, and behaviors that interact with one another to produce an innovative outcome. Innovative Organizational Culture/Climate Some studies have shown evidence of organizational culture as the mediator of the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational innovation [21][22][23][24] and performance.[25][26] In other words, in order for transformational leadership to have an effect
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