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Leading Ethical Theories Consequentialism Deontology Virtue Theory example Mill 's utilitarianism Kantian ethics Aristotle 's moral theory abstract description An action is right if it promotes the best consequences. An action is right if it is in accordance with a moral rule or principle. An action is right if it is what a virtuous agent would do in the circumstances. more concrete specification The best consequences are those in which happiness is maximized. A moral rule is one that is required by rationality. A virtuous agent is one who acts virtuously, that is, one who has and exercises the virtues. A virtue is a character trait a human being needs to flourish or live well. “Written by distinguished philosophical experts, these …show more content…

As a whole they testify to and exemplify the current vibrancy and richness of work in ethical theory.” —David Archard, Queen’s University Belfast “For students, this Guide provides helpful introductions to themes and topics which they are to study in more detail, and lucid surveys of other aspects of ethical theory. It will also be read with profit by academics unfamiliar with the field; some of the papers are not just guides, but original contributions, to the subject.” —Antony Duff, University of Stirling and University of Minnesota “The Guide provides a wide-ranging survey of the major topics in contemporary ethical theory and includes a good amount of new and important work. It should be of use to anyone wanting acquaintance with the subject in its current state.” —Barbara Herman, University of California at Los Angeles. Encourage, measure, and reward ethical leadership at multiple levels. Ethical leadership from the top is very important (because it creates an environment in which lower-level ethical leaders can flourish), but ethical leadership at the supervisory level has a huge impact on followers’ attitudes and behavior. Organizations may want to channel resources toward developing ethical leadership in their

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