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League of Legends, a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game made for the computer took gamers around the world by storm in October of 2009. What began as a small, fresh take on battle arena games 5 years ago, has evolved into the most, if not, one of the most full-fledged successful free-to-play games of our generation. Before it’s time, many gamers around the world yearned for a game which offered intense, fast-paced, team-oriented gameplay, a dedicated and passionate community, and a revival of e-sports competitions. League of Legends, a game where two teams each consisting of 5 unique “champions” (the characters you control) armed with 4 unique skills to destroy your opponents with, go head to head to see who can destroy the opposing team’s base first, offered every aforementioned aspects. The producing company, Riot Games, have been perfecting the three mentioned aspects of the game for the past five years, which has caused League of Legends to sky rocket to the top of the gaming world as the number one game of our generation. Gameplay, community, and competitiveness is what makes League of Legends the top game of its genre. Although League of Legends sounds like the perfect game, it does lack in areas such as gameplay balance, and the conformity of the public towards what is called “the meta”, a term to describe the temporary current norms or strategies of gameplay, causing a lack in diversity of composition, the many other defining aspects outweigh these
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