Learning About Such Programs For Children

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As I am reading through the paper, I am 100% agree with most of the point discussed by the author. Because, I came from a place where disability is not an issue for the Government. Therefore, no help is available for these people no matter their conditions. Besides, there is no advocates, and no funds available as well to help. Learning about such program is very interesting and challenging. Understanding the situation of a disable person is not something we can take lightly. At the same time, understanding the role the family members play supporting a disable love one has no comparison. Having such program available to help them is a blessing. Working with disable children allow me to say that lots of help are needed to provide for their …show more content…

For Instance, I have worked with two different families throughout my career. One family was well educated. Mom and Dad were both professional people with masters in education and doctorates in psychology while the other family was just regular people. Mom had no high school diploma, no job, and lots of other kids in that house. Following these two family allow me to bring up the necessity of investing in the parental education which can benefit both the children and their parents. Referring to Family number one, mom was on top of her game. She was her daughter 's advocate. She knew where to write, what to ask and how to fight for what she asked. I remember one day she told me; " I do not take know from nobody for answer. Anything I need for my daughter I fight for it." It was however a different case for the other family, the child was a boy, and he was older than the previous patient. He was getting closer to his 21 anniversary, and mom knew he was going to be dropped out of the school day care program, and he was going to be left home. A year before that, mom had a visit from her social worker whom offered her choose from going to school herself to learn how to provide care for the boy or to place him in a group home. Because apparently, there were no program available for him after he pass 22 at the daycare. Sadly, last summer short period after his school release for vacation. He died of an obstruction of the liver. The author

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