Learning English as a Foreign Language

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Language also can be a bridge to connect one information to the others. We can use it in every session, it means that language is very important. According to Wardhaugh (2006: 1), “A language is what the members of a particular society speak”. There are many languages in this world, one of them is English. It is also as an international language.
Brumfit (1981:1) says that “English is an international language and the most widespread medium of communication, both because of the number and geographical areas of its speakers and the large number of non-native speakers who use it for part of their interaction contact”. Language (English) is a key to success in the intellectual, social, and emotional development of a person and also in learning every subject or thing, because all of subjects use English more than Indonesian language, especially among the people who want to study abroad or go to international countries.
By using language especially English we can conquer the world and not only that, but also English is our lesson that must be taught in school because it is included in the curriculum. English is our lesson but it is a foreign language in our country, therefore it is different culturally and socially from our own language and it is found in class only. The factor above makes English more difficult to understand than Indonesian language and…
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