Learning Is The Process Of Critical Thinking

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Learning is the process of taking in information from the five senses, processing it in a manner we can relate to it, and applying it to our lives through critical thinking and sound reasoning in a way that is productive and positive to our self and those around us. My definition of learning has expanded greatly through taking this course. I had never really understood that the learning process began with our five senses, or that we filtered our experiences through four specific patterns of thought. This class has opened my eyes to the diverse ways we learn, and raised my awareness to the different patterns of thought involved in the learning process. It has also taught me much about how to apply the process of critical thinking to learning, and how I can use being an intentional learner to increase my chances of success in obtaining my goal of getting a degree. Having the Learning Connections Inventory will be a valued resource as I apply these new tools to my quest of obtaining my degree. Many of my career choices have been technical in nature. As a result, it has caused me to develop my Technical Reasoning as a “use first” pattern of thinking. Using service repair manuals, technical bulletins, instruction sheets and books, and blueprints have developed the ability to use the Sequence and Precision learning patterns also. My LCI scores are; Precision 21, Sequence 22, Technical Reasoning 28, and Confluence 21. I have been a writer for my own personal pleasure for many
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