Learning Makes You More Adaptable To Changes In Fluctuating

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Learning makes you more adaptable to changes in fluctuating job markets
Trends have a longer lifespan and significant impact on industries/markets. Unlike trends, fads represent potential trends that may or may not actually come into fruition. The lifelong learner can invest time learning within the fad’s domain if the potential for the fad to turn into a trend as to not waste valuable resources on something that will disappear a year later. In some cases what started as a fad incubated another fad that progressed into a trend. However, the fad that turns into a trend provides the learner new opportunities that businesses will ask for. For the learner, they will be ahead of the crowd in terms of learning and understanding the trend …show more content…

The employee receives a fairer wage that reflects in their higher level of performance/higher cost savings from increased productivity/etc. Or the employee no longer subjects themselves to the loyalty tax/salary compression and negotiates a fair wage with another organization. Employees will do the same job for more money elsewhere when there are no differences in other aspects.
Learning molds you into a more interesting person
As you gain knowledge, you gain a wider range of ideas you can converse with.
"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt
Small minds keep up with the Kardashians and average minds discuss the latest professional sporting event. In contrast, great minds discuss how the new Republican administration affects changes on how government operates.
With more knowledge comes with the annoyance and frustration that small minded topics bring. The Kardashian cabal do little to nothing towards enhancing personal growth or community relationships. Nor talking about sporting events that only have a minor impact on people’s lives.
Solve complex problems with creative approaches
When I studied for my undergrad, I worked towards a double major in Criminal Justice and Computer Science with a major interest in fiction writing. However, my writing never took on the kind of organization that I made me satisfied or

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