Ocean County University Scholarship Analysis

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I have been at Ocean County College for three semesters so far (and a jump start class in high school before that, throughout my senior year) and it has helped me learn more about myself and the world around me. What has helped me even more are all the generous scholarships given to me from OceanFirst, the sponsors of OCC and scholarships from high school given to me during my last year there. Anything helps when it comes to saving money for my family. We have always been tight on money, but not tight enough to receive financial aid. My father works long hours each week, going to two jobs to help support my mother and myself. I can only work part time at a physical therapy facility as an aide since I go to school full time. My mother is on Social Security Disability and unable to work. This scholarship, if awarded to me, would be an …show more content…

I am majoring in liberal arts right now and I am looking into a few different majors for when I transfer to my next school. My thoughts have been narrowed down to a few subjects in the same field, journalism, creative writing, or general writing. English was always my favorite subject in school and it was great to be able to take college english courses while still in high school. In the jumpstart class, I took English 151 and creative writing during the course of the year, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It led me to take Introduction to Poetry in my first semester at college and a world literature class in my second semester. Now that I’ve taken a media writing course, all my options are up in the air for me to choose. All the classes I have been taking feel like a step in the right direction, even if I can’t find a career in writing right out of college. All I can ask is that you consider me for a scholarship and I will do my best to earn

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