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Learning Organization Paper MGT/426 Learning Organization Paper Within the global business environment one thing is constant and inevitable, the need for change and the effort and focus that it requires. The need for change can be attributed to various factors; two that immediately come to mind are globalization and advancements in technology. The process of implementing change can be cumbersome and difficult at times, and need to follow some type of planning. Effective planning needs to include devising strategies on change implementation. Sometimes change requires management to come up with methods or solutions that are completely different from those developed and used in the past. Management personnel must realize that there is not any one approach that works for everyone or every situation. Regardless of approach chosen, it is important to make sure that employees are aware of what is required of them and that their involvement is essential to organizational change success. Teams consisting of employees and management need to communicate and interact to adapt to and overcome obstacles that can hinder or sabotage the change process. A collective learning environment in which employees and managers can work together is beneficial to identify process errors or flaws that can present themselves during change implementation. Learning Organizations defined There are many interpretations as to what defines a learning organization. But taking the sage

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