The Impact Of Change Management On The Organization

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Change management is guiding teams, individuals or an organization through a series of changes to move from the current state to the desired state. During this transition, the goal is to empower the people involved to embrace the changes and the process (Bassey, Solomon, and Omono, 2014). Management of change significantly contributes to its success. Change can be influenced by both internal and external elements. It can appear in different ways including a change of management, policies, organizational structure, objectives, business climate, employees and operational location. Whatever the reason behind the change, the aim of change management is to ensure it does not have an adverse impact on the organization or its
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For a company to remain profitable, it has to constantly think about how their products will meet the consumers’ demand due to technology advancement. With the advancement of technology, companies can access a vast amount of information that they must use well to remain ahead of their competitors who might also have the same information.
Importance of Leadership in Crisis and Change Management
Leadership is a major issue when dealing with a crisis or in change management. According to Prewitt and Weil (2014), crisis leadership is essential due to various factors like duration, intensity, cost, and unpredictability. During a crisis, leaders must make decisive action and must be prepared for the unprecedented or unforeseen. Marissa Mayer was appointed as the CEO of Yahoo in 2012, and she was the fifth CEO in a period of 5 years. She had previously worked at Google as an engineer (Eisner, 2016). Once in Yahoo, Marissa was keen on getting the right talent, and she even participated in the selection process by reviewing every person who was hired. A year later, she ended telecommuting claiming that sharing a physical space and having face-to-face discussions furthers innovation. Marissa was hired after Carol Bartz was fired and the change in management is said to have resulted in more positive change like an improved employee and administration relations. She had a different philosophy, and she started by
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