Learning Reflection

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What is learning? Learning can be many things and it is not the same for everyone. Everyone sees learning in their own way. To me learning is always powerful. It is being able to adopt new knowledge or new skills. But learning is more then just gaining new skills, learning is also about modifying the skills you have already and reinforcing what you already know. My views on learning have changed since I started this class, before I thought that learning was only making new skills or adding to skills you already have but no now my view on learning is much more then that. Now I know that it is possible to learn in different ways. I also know that everyone learns in their own way and that everyone has a unique learning pattern. I am a Dynamic Learner. What this means is that I require intentional effort to switch from one learning pattern to another. I use my Technical Reasoning most my score in this was 28. I use Technical Reasoning everyday when I am bored I like to take things apart just to see how they work. I like using this pattern the most it is the best way for me to learn is hands on. I also use Sequence a lot when I am doing woodwork this is due to keeping things in order. My sequence score is 21 and I like using sequence along with technical reasoning to keep my work in order and neat. My Precise score was 22 and I do not use it as much as I should. I do know in up coming classes I will be trying to use this more and ask more questions so I know what I am doing

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