Learning To Be An Effective Human Being Takes A Lot Of

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Learning to be an effective human being takes a lot of work. It is a process that does not happen overnight. It is a process to become an effective person. According to Covey, 2013 it is a seven step process. Then we add being Christian into it. It is helpful being a Christian because we should already have these basic concepts down. For the non-Christian, they will have to really work on making personality, principle and mental changes. The biblical basis for business enterprise is to know God and know your values. This is very important for Christian business owners. As long as they know what their principles and values are, this way they will be able to make good conscious decisions and stand their ground. “Christians in …show more content…

It is important that all Christians do choose the type of vocation that they do carefully. They have to decide if what they are producing fits in with God’s ideas as to what mankind is meant to be here for. Pornography is one example of a work that is against God’s idea of good work. If what is being produced creates jealousy and people only want it so that they can show it off, they that is not what God has in mind. We are not here to make people feel bad about themselves because we have something that they cannot (Chewning, Eby & Roels, 1992). God is the only source that gives humans the right to possess and control material things. If a Christian finds himself possessing and controlling material things that is okay. A Christian that is doing everything to meet God’s will and finds himself successful, should be happy. He should also use His success to help others. Common sense tells you that money and material things can be taken away at any time. With money and power one can have a great deal of influence. This should be a Christian businessman’s way of serving the community and his employees. He should not be padding down his pockets and not sharing the profits with his employees. “The person who has invested only in treasures on this earth is very poor indeed (Chewning, Eby &

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