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Leave The Past Behind
As the matter of fact, the racial diversity in the world is increasing day by day. However, people just need to find out how to live comfortably with other of different history’s background. It is true that the process to overcome the past between nations and the discrimination between races takes an amount of time. Nevertheless, people nowadays are opening a new chapter of life. In reality, people all over the world now do not think about the painful past, the war or whatsoever anymore; instead, they start to shake hand, make business or lifting embargoes which last decades. In the essay, “Vietnamese Youths No Longer Look Homeward” which was written by Nancy Wride focuses and reflects on young Vietnamese …show more content…

For example, the trading door between two countries had opened widely. In a short word, in the essay Wride defined the 1.5 generation and explained the reasons for why young Vietnamese immigration are not looking at the past anymore. According to the essay, author defined young Vietnamese who now are living in the United States as 1.5 generation. The term is talking about young Vietnamese people who were originally born in Vietnam but they grown up in America. And because these people grew up in America, this group of people tends to have a little bit difference in the way of thinking or to no longer look at the past to decide what to do for the future. In the essay Wride wrote: “Generally, they have not inherited their parents’ hatred of Communism or qualms about trading with a former enemy.” 1.5 generation is carefree about what happened to their parents, to their ancestry, relatives and their people. Through several of 1.5 generation group’s interviews, they are certain don’t really want to talk about the painful past which causes many lost for their parents, dead of their people anymore. According to Tran, twenty-two years old, he said his hatred toward Vietnam couldn’t get to any place closer and be comparable to that of his parents toward the Vietnam government. As Tran said, “I might not be able to remember the persecution they had to go through, and the corruption, the hardship the South had to endure once the North took

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