Leepa-Rattner Museum Of Art Analysis

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The Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art is home to a variety of interesting paintings, sculptures, and other types of mixed-media artwork. One of the current exhibits featured at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art is a collection of mixed media by Margaret Ross Tolbert. The artwork is part of a collection called AQUIFERious: Florida’s Springs, and depicts many photographs and paintings of the state’s natural aquifers and springs. One of these paintings in particular, Well of the Aquifer, stood out among the others. The painting depicts a scene of a circular-shaped aquifer bordered with vegetation-covered stone. Towards the center, a small school of fish circle under the light shining through the water. This painting appears to take on an impressionist style; the subject of the painting is obviously not realistic, yet it still identifiable when given the title. The artwork also uses a combination of bright shades of blue and green, and lacks any distinctive areas of darkness. While the context of the work is not historical, it still does have meaning. …show more content…

One of his most famous, The Last Judgement, depicts a chaotic and disturbing scene. The painting’s style is quite unusual. The geometric figures make it seem like a cubist painting, but the emotion and subjectivity behind the meaning reveals that it could have been painted in the style of expressionism. The most noticeable feature of this painting is that it spans over three large canvasses, making the artwork as a whole look massive. The painting is filled with a multitude of colors, the most profound being red. Many triangles, oddly-shaped circles, and crossing lines blanket the entire painting. There appears to be a figure at the top of the middle canvas, but very little can be seen as he appears to be on fire. Some other stray body parts suggest that more people may be burning inside of the massive

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