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Introduction Privacy, a term that is reluctant in today’s modernized society who’s meaning is far from realistic. As the world congruently fosters a new way of living, through technology our lives as we know as our own is far from it. This paper will discuss the use of technology to research ones private information, the advantages and disadvantages of the public access of such information and the laws that promulgate such data. Due to the innovation and use of technology today, private information of an individual is easier to locate than in prior years. The use of technology daily has enabled neighbors, employers, law officials, investigators and any person whom inquires private information of another person. One use of technology…show more content…
Whether for personal, business or out of curiosity, the investigator is privy to locate information the individual may not be willing to share. The benefit of locating intimate data of a person through technology may sound marvelous, it can be complicated. In this era of innovation towards technology, one may find that information sought through certain technologies such as a database and the World Wide Web may not be current or adequate to their needs. Such reasoning’s as developed software may disable an investigator from collection specific data that satisfies their needs, as well as the epidemic of identity theft that will lead an investigator to false information of a person. Several orders that enables and protects an individuals private information from being disclosed is declared under The United States Constitution; The Fourth Amendment requires judicial authorization prior to the searching and seizing and individuals belongings, having probable cause. The Fifth Amendment protects an individual from responding to a question that will hinder, or incriminate them selves. The Ninth Amendment protects any persons from being restricted to certain rights by the government. According to Mount, The U.S. Constitution is designed to protect its citizens from both internal and external strife however it
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