Personal Data Privacy . Frame Analysis And Advocacy Field

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Personal Data Privacy
Frame Analysis and Advocacy Field Guide

This framing analysis includes 10 recent print news articles that address personal data privacy. The 5 dominant frames identified include: unauthorized data collection and misuse, commercial application of personal data, civil liberties (personal data in the legal system), data protection, and innovation. There were Pro and Con arguments present for each frame with the exception of the last, no Con arguments were present for the innovation category in the admittedly small sample of 10 articles. Eight of the 10 articles were reporting on the findings of proceedings of a court case or proposed policy concerning data privacy, the other two were reporting on business …show more content…

Millions of users and billions of dollars are implicated in the debate. The Pro argument is made by large tech companies, and government agencies like Dept. of Homeland Security. Con arguments are made by consumer protection groups, government agencies like the Federal Trade Commission, and civil rights groups. The bulk collection of data is an issue being pursued in the EU, implicating the US global surveillance system and the US Foreign Surveillance Act, for this reason we see the United States Government present in many facets of the frame.

Commercial Application of Personal Data
Value: Collective Good Privacy vs Profits

On the pro side of the debate we find a lot of the most powerful tech companies and research firms up against regulatory agencies and civil rights advocates. Proponents argue that aggregate data collection is harmless, makes our live easier, and is not invasive. Critics argue that the aggregate collection and manipulation of personal data for corporate use is akin to the big brother analogies and use terms like “psychological warfare.” Proponents argue it is the ‘currency of the digital economy.’ The ‘digital economy’ referred to is already highly privatized, with the news media, tech companies, US Federal Government, and increasingly politicians themselves are among many players that benefit from aggregate data collection.

Civil Liberties (Personal Data in the legal system)
Value: Justice
In this frame I am labeling the pro argument as,

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