Legal And Non Legal Rules

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1. Explain the difference between a legal and non-legal rule A legal rule is a rule created by the government of Australia and applies to the entire population, while a non-legal rule is created by an individual or organisation and only applies to a specific group.
2. Rules are applied in each of the circumstances listed below. Sort them into legal and non-legal
Legal rules
Non-legal rules
Having to wait until you are 18 years old before you can vote at a federal election
Wearing school uniform to school
Having to wait until you are 16 years old before applying for a learners permit.
Paying your membership fees before being allowed to play in the finals for the local football team
Not being permitted to smoke at school

Wearing a
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Court Type
Appellate Jurisdiction
Magistrates Court
At the bottom of the court hierarchy, but hears the majority of cases.
Summary offences, indictable offences heard summarily and committal hearings. As well as bail applications and the issuing of warrants.
Children’s Court
A specialist Victorian court on the same bottom level as the Magistrates Court.
Cases involving children.
Coroners Court
A specialist Victorian court on the same level as the Magistrates Court at the bottom of the court hierarchy. Presided over by a coroner.
Does not have a criminal jurisdiction, instead has jurisdiction to conduct coronial inquests and investigate and report findings on the case of unexpected or suspicious deaths and cause of fires.
County Court
The intermediate court between the Magistrates and Supreme courts.
Indictable offences (except murder, treason and certain murder related offences).
Magistrates Court
Supreme Court
The highest court in the Victorian court hierarchy with a judge presiding. Divided into 2 divisions, the Trial division which hears and determines all matters in the original jurisdiction; and the Court of Appeal, which is the appeals division of the Supreme Court.
Murder, attempted murder, treason.
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