The Organizational Structure Of A Healthcare Organization Essay

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Hospital’s Organizational Structure Hospitals have organizational structures that allows them to carry out their duties efficiently and successfully. What separates the organizational structure of a healthcare organization from a business, essentially that the hospital 's organization is chiefly founded on the amalgamation of medical and administrative staff (Carayon, et al., 2014). The organizational structure of the twenty-first century solutions in health care hospitals involves, both divisional and hierarchical structure. In the of the chain of command hierarchy, there are various levels of professional’s that fall under other levels within the facility, and each staff member is organized in regards to departments that are related to their (KSA’s) skills, attributes and job duties (Carayon, et al., 2014). Hospital organization philosophies is based on development of values and ethics, with the understanding on moral principles relating to human conduct. These systems are comprised with the processes in decision making and determining the best actions to consider between the difficult alternatives when pertaining to patient care. Administrative staff remains at the top- level of the organizational structure, formulated of individual’s that have ownership (stakeholders) with the functions of operations in the healthcare facility. These important individuals are accountable for the enforcement on policies and regulations, with ensuring the implementation for public
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