Legalization Of Marijuana And The State Of Arizona

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Legalization of Marijuana in Arizona The Legalization of Marijuana in the state of Arizona has been under fire for the past several years. Ever since 2010 when Prop 203, which called the right to have a medical marijuana card in the state, arose it caused a stir in society on which to allow marijuana to be legal. The ballot for the state is set in November and as we approach the deadline many people are coming out with their takes on the issue. The legalization of marijuana has many positive and negative effects on society that make it a tough decision for many voters. Marijuana has been a commonly used medication for thousands of years, the oldest written record of the use of marijuana is 2727 B.C.E. in china, up until 2003 when marijuana was classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance by the Controlled Substance Act which prohibited use and sale of the substance. This act caused major controversy and sparked many scientific experiments that are still going on today to try to understand the drug. The legalization of marijuana in other states has increased access to and acceptability of this drug for both medicinal and recreational purposes. In the absence of well-designed research and FDA approval, this creates unique challenges for both practitioners and regulators alike. Doctors are being pressured to recommend medical marijuana based off of the requests of the users. The regulations that have been put on marijuana are extremely loose fitting and hard to control
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