Legalization of Gay Marriage

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FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING & EARTH RESOURCES UHL 4012 PUBLIC SPEAKING 2011/2012 SEM I SPEECH PREPARATION OUTLINE PREPARED BY: REGINA KHOR MAY LIN AA09179 Relationship Should we legalize same-sex marriage in our country? To persuade To persuade my audience that we should legalize same-sex marriage in our country. Same-sex marriage should be legalized since it is the natural form of the marriage evolution, part of human rights and able to prevent psychological stress from the LGB community. (LGB- lesbian, gays and bisexuals) Problem and solution I.INTRODUCTION Picture this... A man meets someone he loves. Someone he is sure will bring him happiness and someone he wants to grow old…show more content…
According to the law of marriage ACT 1976, there was no mention of the prohibition of same sex relationship which is stated in Section 11. So the same sex marriage is not breaks the law. Beside Section 37 had mentioned that both parties must willingly consent to the marriage by not forcing or being threatened by anybody. We have no right to care about other family issue since they are accepted by their family members. The marriage of Jessie Chung and Joshua Beh is one of the gay marriages in Malaysia. Their family have agreed and accept their marriage. In year 2005, they have a traditional marriage. During their marriage they were blessed by their family members. The last point will see how to reduce psychological stress for LGB community by legalising their marriages. Legalizing the same-sex marriage are able to reduce psychological stress from the perspective of financial and family According to Badgett, Lau, Sears, & Ho research, it has also shown that gay men living in same-sex relationships earn less than men in heterosexual marriages because they have been fired, received
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