The Rights Of Same Sex Marriage

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The struggle to obtain equality and rights for LGB individuals in today’s America is not yet over and how religious extremist groups can contribute to the obstruction of said equality

On June twenty-sixth same sex marriage was made legal by the supreme court. This ruling lead to justified celebration by many Americans. However, it is important to understand and work towards getting rid of prejudice that many lgb persons still plaguing their lives. Although many Americans hold the belief that the legalization of same sex marriage results in lgb individuals no longer struggling for equality, the people of America must recognize the bigotry and discrimination that lgb individuals continue to suffer and how religious extremists and extremist organizations often promote such inequality and prevent lgb individuals from obtaining the rights and respect in today’s society that they are deserving of, and then put forth the effort to be rid of discrimination and prejudice towards individuals based on sexuality. In order to create a better society it is imperative that we allow religious freedom but do not use religious freedom to excuse harmful discrimination against minorities, specifically the lgb community. By making continued efforts to rid our society of prejudice, we gain creating a more moral and beneficial society.

On the twenty-sixth of June, 2015, same sex marriage was made legal throughout all the states of America. This ruling by the supreme court made this day

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