Legalization of Marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana How many people annually do you think die from smoking marijuana? Many people do not believe that the number is zero. Lots of people think that marijuana is harmful and think that it causes people to commit crimes and make bad decisions. The legalization of marijuana would help the government make money by taxing this drug, help sick people with medical use, and lower crime rates. Harry Anslinger, who is the Commissioner of Narcotics in the Bureau of Narcotics, saw that the traffic of marijuana is increasing to such an extent that it would be the greatest national concern. They started the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 that was signed in by President Roosevelt. “Ten years ago we only heard about marijuana …show more content…
Anslinger’s statement about how marijuana makes people commit crimes is somewhat false in the statement of Mayor La Guardia when he was talking about problems with crime in the Canal Zone. In the report they also commented on how lazy a person gets from using this drug. Mayor La Guardian’s statement from above tells us that people can’t be that lazy if they are still performing well in war. It was clear to many people that this drug was on the verge to become legal again. After this news came from the La Guardia Committee, Anslinger didn’t like it and banned any further research on the drug. Anslinger and the Bureau of Narcotics should have done more human research on the affects of marijuana before they banned the drug. Medicinal use of Marijuana is still banned unless you are prescribed by the government or live around the west coast. The government issues very potent marijuana to their patients to use for pain problems. This marijuana can only be received by patients who are legal to smoke in the United States. People on the west coast grow this on farms and harvest it and sell it to the medicinal clubs out in California. People can grow this drug in California and not get in trouble by the state government if they have a medicinal marijuana license to grow. This license can be earned if you fall
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