Legislators Should Do Longer Hours Essay

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How can the legislators do their job, if the government is giving them limitations? In article 3 section 24 of the Texas Constitution it states “members of the legislature shall receive from the public Treasury a salary of $600 per month” (Texas Constitution, 1876). Legislators are here to discuss and approve laws. They should have the power and abilities to request an increase in their own salaries. There are three reasons why I believe that legislators should get an increase in salary. First reason, demanding lawmakers to work longer hours. Second reason, spending less time at home away from family and friends. Lastly, putting career goals on hold. Legislators are making sacrifices every day to best serve the people and they should in return …show more content…

Many legislators have unpredictable scheduling because things are not timely based when it comes to passing the laws. They go through these long processes just to amend things that will best serve the needs of society in the future. Lawmakers should not work longer hours unless there is an increase in their pay for the extra time they are serving. That is the problem with this nation, people are selfish and will not appreciate others for the hard work and dedication they set forward to make things happen. Most legislators are demanded to work overtime because of the obsessive conservative people wanting things perfect before moving on to another topic. The reason being that most legislators are accepting the overtime is because they need the extra money to send back home, so they can still in some way provide and support their families. At the same time they are working extra hours just to get more work done to not get paid at all. If that’s the case legislators would be better off working at a restaurant for some extra money. When legislators are not working they need to accommodate for another job. Ross Ramsey said, “Texas legislators are paid less than the people who sack their groceries.” Apparently legislators do not get paid very well until after eight years of serving. At that point they receive sweet benefits and is guaranteed

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