Leighton Meester Research Paper

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Leighton Meester is a popular actress who is most known for her role in Gossip Girl. She’s traveled the world and made loads of films, but there’s more to the actress that meets the eye. Here are just some of these things. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon! Number Fifteen: Leighton Meester Dated Chuck This actress is very well known for her role as Blair Waldorf, but not as known for her strange connection to the character. In the show, her character dated Chuck, who is played by Ed Westwick. Interestingly enough, the actress also dated him for several years. At one time, he even said how deeply in love he was with her. Unfortunately, they are no longer together. Number Fourteen: She Was Born in Strange Circumstances Leighton Meester was born in a time where her mother was actually serving prison time. She had gotten the sentence because of the fact that she was tied to a drug ring. Her mom was allowed to give birth outside of the prison just long enough to…show more content…
The agency she worked for back in the day was known as the Wilhemina agency. Number Eleven: She’s Addicted to Texting Like many people of this generation, Leighton is also addicted to texting and using her smart phone. Hopefully she spends some time away from technology every now and then! Number Ten: She and Amanda Seyfried Have Something in Common Although both now are well known in the industry, for a time, they both had to hustle. In the past, Leighton Meester and Amanda Seyfried modeled for Limited Too. Number Nine: She Isn't a Brunette Since the character she’s become known for is brunette, most people don’t realize that this actress is actually blonde. However, when she was hired to play the part of Blair Waldorf, producers asked her to change her hair. There are lots more about this cool gal that more people should know. Stay tuned to the next part of the article, which is coming
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