Leininger's Sunrise Model

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Culture is a realm of the human condition. In order to provide holistic care as a Nurse Practitioner (NP), it is essential to be culturally competent. There are several models for NPs to use to guide their competence. Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality is one of these models. According to Andrews and Boyle (2012), this theory addresses the various influences culture has on the human condition, including health, and the influences of other dynamics associated the human condition on culture. Leininger’s Sunrise Model provides a visual representation of the theory. According to Leininger’s theory and model, there are three concepts of nursing that guide cultural competence, which are the following: culture care…show more content…
Through Leininger’s model and theory, health assessment and clinical care of a Mexican-American young adult can be culturally competent when the provider assesses such factors. By offering care and treatments that are congruent with a patient’s culture, there is greater likelihood of reception and integration of the health care intervention into the patient’s typical health practices (Andrews & Boyle, 2012). The patient is a 22 year-old Mexican-American female who presents to the women’s health clinic for her routine obstetric visit. Her medical history consists of tonsillitis as a young child, and she has never been hospitalized. Her past surgical history is limited to a tonsillectomy as a young child. She was unable to recall how old she was for both the episode of tonsillitis and when she had the tonsillectomy. She has no known history of allergies. The only medication that she takes is an over-the-counter prenatal multivitamin. Socially, she does not smoke or use tobacco. She does not drink caffeinated beverages. She reports she used to drink alcohol occasionally prior to being pregnant. She reports she has never used recreational or illicit drugs. Her maternal history consists of a GTPAL of 21001. She is 20 weeks pregnant. She reports she did not have any complications with her first pregnancy and delivery. She delivered vaginally at the local hospital with pain control of an epidural. She is also of the Catholic religion, which influences her
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