Lennon Mccartney Relationship

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It was 60 years ago, John Lennon told the band to play.
The day 6th July 1957 held a strong part in the history of rock and roll music.
The Garden fete, that was held at St Peter's church, Woolton in Liverpool that year was the starting point of the meeting of two young boys, James Paul McCartney and john Winston Lennon. It was the first meeting of the partnership that made the legendary songwriting duo for the band the Beatles, creating hits such as hard days night(she loves you) to let it be from the 1960s to the end of 1969, where they like to call them self as 'Lennon-McCartney' ; meet each other for the first time formally in both their lives.
The iconic song writing partnership named 'Lennon- McCartney' all started out with the young …show more content…

The meeting of the two boys ended with john learning how to tune his guitar, john learning how to play chords on his guitar, john being absolutely blown away and star-struck by the talents and charisma that Paul McCartney had attracted him.
By the end of the day, lennon was walking back home with a friend of his, refusing to take the bus back home as a fellow bandmate asked Lennon, what did he think of 'that kid,paul'. Lennon replied him that he liked him(Paul) and thought he was really good, the questions then turned around into john asking whether they should ask Paul to join the band with him, but john already knew the answer he needed before needing a reply from his bandmate.
Their meeting on 6th July 1957 was a huge change towards music history. The day McCartney met Lennon, the day Lennon was impressed by the skills of McCartney, the day McCartney formally knew Lennon, everything. The next few years were filled with both of them bonding and working together on music, commonly known from the band the Beatles, where both of them takes credits under the name 'lennon-mccartney' or

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