Lenovo's Nature of Demand

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In recent years, despite fierce market competition the personal computer manufacturing company Lenovo has utilized unique competitive strategies to achieve a rapidly increasing share of the computer and notebook market. Lenovo is faced with unprecedented opportunity and the challenge and in view of the current market situation, Lenovo is delivering a message that it intends to cover all market segments, from high-end to low-end. Pricing objectives should flow from and fit in with company level and marketing objectives. Additionally, pricing objectives should be explicitly stated because they have a direct effect on pricing policies as well as methods used to set prices.
Lenovo has established and implemented a successful and
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Lenovo 's pricing strategy is in accordance with its customer needs and is focused on developing best performance products, at an affordable price to its customers. Additionally, the company focuses on improved customer service experience which maintains a strong customer relationship. Over the past several years, this unique concept of exceptional customer service program gave Lenovo its core competitiveness and Lenovo is still invincible in the fierce competition.

Demand and Cost Analysis
Lenovo designs and develops products that have relatively simple functions, relatively low prices based on needs of various markets worldwide. Lenovo utilizes new technologies and sophisticated analytics not only to make its supply chains more responsive to customer demand, but also actively to shape demand towards more profitable business. Various demand driven networks enable Lenovo to provide flexible pricing, sales incentives, promotions and other marketing tools to stimulate demand for its products. This holistic approach requires improved demand based on sales data, integration of new forecasting and demand management tools with existing supply and a collaborative approach to sales and operations planning in order to maximize profitability. Since its inception, Lenovo has built its success on product

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