Lenovo Case Study

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Lenovo Group Ltd. (Lenovo) is a Chinese multinational technology corporation that founded in Beijing in 1984. Specifically, Lenovo is one of the top enterprises that produces and sells consumer electronics and computer hardware, with a focus on producing personal computer (PC). Currently, the headquarter of Lenovo is in Beijing, China, with a second headquarter that located in Morrisville, North Carolina, United States. As a multinational enterprise, Lenovo currently have operations in more than sixty countries and has its products sold almost all over the world.1 Becoming a multinational enterprise especially making it to the top of the industry is not an easy thing for any company due to numerous predictable and unforeseen challenges. However, Lenovo has successfully expanded its business and reached to the top. Therefore, the present paper aims to analyze Lenovo’s operational/managerial strategies and provide a better sense of what has Lenovo done for reaching to the current position in the global market. Thirty-three years ago, the founder of Lenovo founded the company with only 33,231 USD (converted from 20,000 CNY). 2 Nevertheless, Lenovo has become one of the Fortune 500 companies, and it is one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, with a more than 20% market share, and around 43 billion revenues in 2016. 3 Over the past three decades, Lenovo has implemented numerous strategies to achieve such accomplishments. Since multinational enterprises often involve in

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