Lesson Learned : The Moment That I Felt Pain

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Lesson Learned It was at the moment that I felt pain in my right shoulder. I considered myself lucky to have never experienced a significant injury until one event changed everything. I was in ninth grade at Spanish Fork Junior High. It was lunch time. When you attend junior high you don’t get recess like you do in elementary where you can go play on the playground with all of your friends. Instead you can go run and play on all the huge soccer fields. That’s exactly what my friends Tori, Chris, and Daniela and I decided to do. After we ate our lunch we headed out to the grassy fields to play flag football. When we got to the fields Chris noticed a couple of girls who were known to be popular. They were on the Spanish Fork High School Drill Team. They were doing tricks on each others shoulders. He got the idea that I should get on his shoulders after he saw the girls getting on each others. He thought it was outstanding. Chris considered himself to be strong and athletic. I hesitated a little with no self control I listened to Chris. Thinking if girls can hold each other up on their shoulders, then why can’t Chris without getting hurt? Chris was taller than me. He had to bend down to the ground so I could reach his shoulders. When I got on his shoulders he stood up and walked towards our other friends who were throwing footballs at each other. On the way Chris lost his balance. We both fell and landed on the hard ground. My right arm landed on Chris. Chris got up

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