Lester Holt: A Brief Summary

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I watched the nightly news with Lester Holt on NBC for five consecutive nights. I started watching on October 19, 2015 and watched through October 23, 2015. The five days that I watched, Lester Holt was there every day in his suit and tie. However, he hardly talks about any of the news stories. He introduces a topic and lets a correspondent tell the story. If Lester presents a story, it is short and takes a minute or less to tell. The nightly news is filmed at the NBC News headquarters in New York City and each episode is around twenty minutes long. They do not have “top stories” and they talk about everything from politics to the weather. On October 19th, correspondents for Lester Holt talked about how there have been one hundred drone sightings every month. A thousand drones have been spotted in restricted airspace. One has crashed at the U.S. Open and another one crashed on the White House lawn. Many people want every drone in the country to be registered, but that is not practical, especially since 700,000 drones could potentially be sold this year alone. I feel that making every drone owner register their drone is extreme. Also, I think it prevents individuals from developing agency. People are capable of thinking for themselves and deciding …show more content…

A man was cut off on the highway, got angry, and pulled out his gun. A four year old girl was riding in a car with her dad and older brother when she was killed. The man who was cut off unintentionally shot the little girl. Sixty-six percent of traffic deaths are due to aggressive driving. This was an extreme example of what could happen if you cut someone off. When I heard this story I thought about deviance and mores. Everyone gets cut off from time to time, but people do not kill others because of it. The man who killed the little girl deviated from what is normal behavior and went against the more of not killing an innocent

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