Let Me Teach You About My Career Essay

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Summer Kaylor Mr. Howard DE COMP 1 Essay 4 6 Oct. 2016 Let me TEACH you about my career As a child, I had always contemplated the career I would choose when entering college. When I begin my first years of Elementary school, I knew I had a passion for sharing my knowledge with teachers as well as fellow classmates. I was always eager to do tasks for my teachers. I would voluntarily take papers to the office, make extra copies of assignments, or easy things, such as scolding students to stay on task. I was the student who asked the teacher for extra book assignments at the end of the school year to keep me learning throughout the summer. Teaching is a noble profession and it is a very appreciative job. Individuals are incapable of gaining knowledge without the help of teachers. I am a purposeful, bold future elementary teacher with strong aptitude for learning and passion for teaching young minds. Most careers today, involve going to school to earn a degree. Personally, I want to stay local when I undergo college. I plan to go to UTC for the full four years, and then gain my teaching license. Teaching has always captivated my attention, and surely all my schooling will contribute to my dream job. The career i 'm planning on pursuing is in the field of education. Teaching is a profession that is both purposeful and concentrated. I intend to focus my studies on grades K through fifth. I chose teaching as my career in the interest of providing an education to the kids who are

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