“Let Us Make This A New Age Where We Show Our Gratitude”

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“Let us make this a new age where we show our gratitude” (Pokemon X and Y). Video games are not quite as simple as people think. Bringing together the creative vision of one person or a few hundred people; they are large endeavors that require much time and talent. The resulting product is what you play; the art that is a video game. Seamlessly blending the ideas and talents of so many people into a moving story or narrative, where the story is told not solely through words or pictures, but through words and pictures. This is not solely for the enjoyment of the player, however. Video games also hold a special place as art, where those words and pictures come together as one in a beautiful way. The first piece that is seen by the player is …show more content…

This gives your game a clear style, which is used to market it. This style is also art, and the style can range from a game like Borderlands, with its cell-shaded models and textures, to Bloodborne, with its hyper-realistic representation of a neo-gothic world with fantastical monsters and weaponry. These models and textures are the visual representation of the story and setting of the game. The story is the second thing that people look at with regards to a video game. Considered more of a narrative, the story of a video game is told through the models and textures, as well as the spoken lines between characters, whether main or background. The story does not write itself, however, and has a process quite like the design. Paladin Studios suggests that you first create the world, such as the places you will visit. Next, you would create the characters, followed by an overarching story. This story will then be broken down into the main story, which will finally become the story that is in the final game. This final story will be the words spoken by the characters, the cutscenes that are made, the text on loading screen, the environment - even official outside sources can tell parts of the story, or expand upon others (Paladin Studios). Notice that part of the story is the environment, the artwork that you may have made earlier. These environments can set people free from the

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