Levels Of Hate In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Throughout World War II the Jewish people were subjected to many levels of hate such as acts of prejudice, act of violence, and genocide. Elie is a Romanian Jewish boy. Elie is one of many to have survived the holocaust. Elie, a young boy who survived the holocaust. It begins in a little town, Transylvania, with Moch­­­­­­é the beadle warning the Jews of great danger in their future, no one willing to believe him. Germany invades the town of Transylvania taking everyone hostage, bringing them to a little ghetto. Being taken to a little ghetto eventually lead to being brought to a concentration camp. The pyramid of hate shows people how something small can turn into something dangerous, if no one speaks up. No on is there speaking up for Elie when he is being taken to a concentration camp. In the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel experiences an escalation of hate and violence that shows how in specific circumstance acts of prejudice can progress to acts of violence and ultimately lead to genocide. In the beginning of the memoir, Wiesel experiences acts of prejudice in the form of name calling. At this point, Elie is on his way to a camp no more strength in him, he continues to walk: “ ‘Faster! Faster! Get on with you lazy swine!’ ” (Wiesel 28). In this quote, Elie describes how Hungarian people see Jewish people more of an animal than a human. It illustrates how people can certainly be irrelevant and not be willing to truly understand what people are coming from. This remark Elie’s
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