Levi Jordan Plantation Research Paper

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The Plantation
The Levi Jordan Plantation was established in 1848 and was abandoned in about 1888. Some artifacts that were found on the plantation were Coins, Rings, Bone Saw Frame, and Slave Tag. Some caches were found, in them were shells, animal bones, wine bottles, copper, metal objects, cast iron pans, grapes, and tobacco pipes. Some pots were also found in what is thought to be the Blacksmith's Cabin, next to the Hearth. It was probably used to bake clay and for warmth. In the blacksmith's Cabin Bullet Molds, Metal Tools, Arrowheads, and some toys were found, leading people to believe that there were children there. The arrowheads were probably not used for hunting because
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When Blacksmiths were first starting, they would blow on the flames to stoke them and would hit molten pieces of metal with rock. As time progressed on, the put a handle on their rocks and used a bellows to stoke the flame. In modern times blacksmiths used a hand crank fan and used the hammers that we use today. What blacksmiths make has also changed quite a bit. In the past they would make almost everything, from tools, to wagons, to pans. As time went on they made less things, especially weapons as more machines could mass produce them, and blacksmithing almost died out in the industrial revolution. In modern times blacksmiths are almost never called upon to make anything other than decorative items for people who want something hand made. The prices have changed, for example, as stated by, ,"Blacksmith Emerson Bixby of Barre, Massachusetts charged as little as 2¢ to make a simple small item such as an axe wedge; 12¢ to "mend" (repair) a hoe; an average of 75¢ to mend an axe; 79¢ to shoe an ox; between $1.00 and $1.50 to "new lay" (repair and reshape) a plow; and as much as $5.50 to make and apply all the ironwork on a new wagon.¨ Money from 1850 has changed a lot to now, $100 in 1850=$2,931.69 in 2016. Weapons have also changed a lot over the centuries. For example gunpowder was invented in China in the 9th century. The first gun was fired in 1364 and inventions followed quickly after. Some notable ones are 1498-rifling, 1818-revolver, 1855-Minié ball, 1887-repeating shotgun, and 1892-automatic
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