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Levis Case
1. Do you think that Levi’s was correct to keep the Levi Strauss name on its Signature line? Or would it have been better off creating a completely new brand name? Present both sides of the case. Take and justify a position.
I don’t think they were correct to use that brand name because the Levi Straus is bringing down the Levis name. Personally I would not buy Levis jeans anymore if I knew that there were such low price Levis jeans around. It degrades the brand to the eyes of the higher end customers.
2. What do you think Levi’s image is among the following? What are the marketing implications of your response?
a. Tween girls (aged 10 to 12) (I don’t think they will necessarily have a strong opinion, at this age jeans …show more content…

5. Repeat Question4 before and after the introduction of Levi’s Eco. What are the marketing implications of the differences?
Levis Jeans, affordable to very expensive, not so cool because of too much diversity, for all ages. Now saying that Levis Jeans are for everyone and so loosing its value in the eyes of consumers.
6. Which of the six environmental activism segments discussed in Chapter 3 (p. 90) does the Levi’s Eco jean appeal to most? Explain.
The Levis Eco will appeal mostly to the True Naturals because they express deeply felt environmental concerns and tailor their actions and purchases to these beliefs. Since the jeans are made out of organic cotton, the True Naturals will be very appealed by it since they are for saving the environment.
7. Given what you know about organic buyers from Chapter 3, do you think Levi’s Eco helps Levi’s with younger consumers? Explain.
Given what I know, Levis Eco brand will not interest the younger customers because in the most part, the younger don’t really pay attention to environmental issues and so having organic cotton jeans will not impress them to the point that they will buy it for that matter.
8. Do you think there is a core image of Levi’s that can survive across the wide range of prices and outlets that it operates in? What is it?
I don’t believe there can be just one core image about Levis because it has such a wide variety of brands. Levis will be seen as whatever each customer thinks of what

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