Levi's Stp Analysis

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------------------------------------------------- Assignment for : ------------------------------------------------- FASHION MARKETING MANAGEMENT ------------------------------------------------- On: ------------------------------------------------- STP ANALYSIS ON LEVI’S DENIMS IN CHENNAI NIFT ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- By : ------------------------------------------------- SRINIDHI.R (MFM/12/ 84) ------------------------------------------------- INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: ------------------------------------------------- The apparel industry is comprised of clothing, accessories and shoes. It can be segmented into menswear, womens wear and childrens…show more content…
In 1847, Levi Strauss, his two sisters & mother sailed for America wherethey joined half-brothers Jonas & Louis in New York. Levi joined their dry goods business. In 1853, Levi sailed to San Francisco to join dry goods business and started selling clothing, bedding & linen to small stores in California. ------------------------------------------------- In 1902, Levi died and his two nephews inherited the business. In 1910’s, LS&CO. received “Blue Ribbon” highest award for waist overalls in Panama. One-piece garment for women was introduced to work and play. In1930’s, the Great Depression stroke & demand for Levi’s jeans, shirts and jackets declined. . ------------------------------------------------- In 1991, the first original Levi’s store was opened in United States. In 1994, Dockers brand was introduced n Europe. It launched its first website in 1995.In 1996; it introduced its Slates ® brand, a new style for menwearing. In 1999, classic 5 pocket pants were reinvented. In 2000, LS&CO. introduced Levi’s ® engineered jeans TM, the reinvention of jeans for the new generation. It named No. 2 for America’s best companies for minorities. ------------------------------------------------- In 2003, it celebrated its 150th anniversary of its founding and 130th anniversary of invention of blue jeans. ------------------------------------------------- BRANDS OFFERED BY LEVI’S: -------------------------------------------------

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