Lexus-Personal Narrative

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2 minutes at lexus It was a day I will remember forever. It was the day before my birthday, my father and i were running all over town to look at cars. my past time activity It was like last year, BMW still renovating it’s dealership. Nissan’s dealership was too tiny, Toyota’s dealership was as big as a kroger, that's because it was originally a kroger. we thought we got them all, then we found a huge dealership near a pond with a fountain as big as an RV, 2 stories tall. It was a Lexus dealership. The moment we got in it was a lot bigger than I imagined, it felt like 3 stories but it's only 2. the new car smell was lingering in the dealership. At the front desk there a small bowl with candies inside. I took a jolly rancher and hopped into my…show more content…
I asked my father if we can get a snack. He agreed, he must be a little hungry too. I took some Fruit loops and a Sprite, my father sat on the couch. I got to watch some TV on a huge television. It was about 4 feet. I sat on the couch, legs stretched, arms on armrest and i ate. The sprite was more crisp than any other Sprite i had in my life. The Fruit loops tasted more fruity than they had been. Then i saw a railing. I walked over wondering what it was. Then the breathtaking view of every single car in the dealership I never got to see a car's roof before, because i was too small. The view was almost as breathtaking was seeing the whole beach from above. It was one the best things about the trip. Afterwards my father and i talked about everything that happened during my trip. The Nissans, the Subaru's, practically every car i liked on the trip. My father was glad i liked it and he reminded me that we had more fun ahead but i could stay at the Lexus dealer as long as i desire. I finished my cereal, brought my sprite, and went to sit in every car one more time before i left. That group of lexus models are in my heart
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