Lg Company Analysis Report

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Slide 1: INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION The company was originally established in 1958 as Goldstar, producing radios, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. The L.G group was a merger of two Korean companies Lucky and Goldstar. Is the second largest producer of television and third largest producer of mobile phones. l.g. india : l.g. india LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics, South Korea was established in January, 1997 after clearance from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). LG set up a state-of-the art manufacturing facility at Greater Noida, near Delhi, in 1998, with an investment of Rs 500 Crores In 2004, LGEIL also up its second Greenfield manufacturing unit in…show more content…
Rs 1,249,920 After Status:Two Propane fired Burner Has been Installed to Serve the same Purpose Running Cost/Day: Appx. Rs.31,250 Investment :Appx. Rs. 1,000,000 Running Cost / Month:Appx. Rs. 875,000 Savings / Month:Appx. Rs.375,000 Installation of Blower on Pickling Machine : Installation of Blower on Pickling Machine Before Status : Earlier Compressed Air were UsedTo dry the Components in Pickling Machine. Running Cost / Day:Appx Rs 2,000 Running Cost/Month: Appx. Rs 52,000 After Status:Now One Blower of 10 KW is Installed to serve the same purpose. Running Cost/Day: Appx. Rs.655 Investment :Appx. Rs. 200,000 Running Cost / Month:Appx. Rs. 17,000 Savings / Month:Appx. Rs.35,000 Case Foaming Pre Heating Chamber : Case Foaming Pre Heating Chamber Before Status : To Pre Heat the Case of Ref. Earlier 100 KW heater were used. Running Cost / Day:Appx Rs 6,000 Running Cost/Month: Appx. Rs 156,000 After Status:Now Propane fired Burner is doing the same Job. Running Cost/Day: Appx. Rs.2150 Investment :Appx. Rs. 650,000 Running Cost / Month:Appx. Rs. 55,000 Savings / Month:Appx. Rs.100,000 Slide 21: Before Status : To Achieve the Humidity in Part Reliability Building we were using 18 KW Heater Running Cost / Day:Appx Rs 2,590 Running Cost/Month: Appx. Rs 77,760 After Status:Now we provided high speed Atomizer to serve the same purpose with only 0.4 KW motor Running Cost/Day: Appx. Rs.57 Investment :Appx. Rs. 45,000 Running Cost /
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