Liability Insurance Essay

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One thing that liability insurance providers require is an extensive application that allows the providers to acquire data in eight categories: general information (i.e. population of municipality and areas of operations like university or amusement parks), policies and procedures, education and training requirements and accreditation, 911 dispatching protocols, jail operations, personnel, prior insurance information, and claims history. All of this information will affect the underwriting and ratings process, which allows “insurers to evaluate a risk to decide what coverage, if any, to offer or renew, and for what price” (Rappaport, p. 1587). The underwriting and ratings process create an need for municipalities to act favorably because…show more content…
There is one final section in the article, and that section pertains to questions and implications idea proposed at the beginning of the paper.
This section starts by asking whether or not police insurance reduces actual police misconduct. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of speculation as to whether or not this is the case. Rappaport (2017) goes back and forth in this subsection detailing how this could be possible and how it might not be possible. For example, he mentions there is just cause for skepticism in that, “not all ‘loss prevention’ to the insurance company results in loss prevention to society” (p. 1599). In other words, just because something is seen as loss to insurance providers does not mean that municipalities will view the same thing as a loss, and therefore, this thing would not give the insurers the power to regulate the police. Skepticism does not fill the brim of this subsection, as there are ways in which this notion could be affirmed, as well. Essentially, Rappaport (2017) quotes a scholar, Carol Heimer, who proposes that municipalities might allocate the implementing or discovering of loss-prevention strategies to outside entities to avoid neglecting them and that through this it can be seen that police agencies would utilize these strategies to reduce covered harms. Overall, it could also
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