The Uninsured Essay

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In America, the number of uninsured rises every year and no solution to the problem has become available. In 2009, the number of uninsured Americans was close to fifty million. In an economy where unemployment is at an all time high, millions of Americans are without insurance due to unemployment. There are also a lot of uninsured Americans that are employed, however the cost of health insurance keeps rising and many families are opting not to have the insurance so that the bills can still be paid. Lack of insurance has had the greatest effect on thousands of Americans who suffer from chronic diseases. These Americans are now unable to go to the doctor on a regular basis and keep up with their daily medicines that are necessary in …show more content…

In an article on the Uninsured it states that “Lack of coverage increases the unpredictability of medical expenses and the potential for financial catastrophe, including bankruptcy” ( The stress that is added when trying to plan financially can become overwhelming, “even for the majority of Americans who have coverage, maintaining it is not a sure thing, and the prospect of losing it can cause anxiety
( This can all affect our society, when you have families who filing bankruptcy because bills and health care bills are piling up so high that they are unable to afford it. This all trickles down and effects everyone in different ways. In addition to those who are unemployed, you also have the Americans that are employed and still uninsured. These Americans either choose not to have health insurance or they are still unable to afford it. I have been there, I had to choose more money on my paycheck over having health insurance. For most, being uninsured is not a choice, insurance is simply unaffordable. In an article on The Economic Impact Of The Uninsured it states that “eighty percent of uninsured people are employed, or live in a home where a family member is employed. Their plight has nothing to do with a slow economy” (Knowledge@Emory). More young Americans look at insurance as a luxury not a necessity. However, when the unknown happens then these young people are faced with an enormous

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