Liberal Democracies Vs. Liberal Democracy Essay

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Liberal democracies, are defined as the system in which governmental body operate under the principle of individual rights and work to protect them regardless of religion, sect, ethnicity etc. Liberal democracies are thought to be secular in nature and generally do not account for religions or ethnicities rather they promote a certain nationalistic perspective throughout the state. Laws are made through majority vote in the parliament and are meant to be logical in nature rather than derived from sources like religion, culture, traditions etc. However, in some parts of the world such as Middle East, people value their sectarian or ethnic identities more than nationalistic values. So a debate emerges around the openness of democratic system to religion. Although Ethnocracy offers short term solution for some countries like Syria, yet the system should be based on liberal democracy that work on the principle of “State nation” that protects core values of democracy and account for religions as well.
Ethnocracy is a system that only allows political parties based on ethnic, religion or sectarian identities to participate in the elections and individual choices are ignored. This system is applicable in some countries like Lebanon where after widespread conflict between different groups, it has been authorized that three parties based on Christians, Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims can only participate in elections and people have to tie with any of these groups. There are quotas

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