Essay on Liberalism has Helped Shape Western Political Philosophy

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Throughout history, liberalism has been a key principle doctrine in which has helped shape Western political philosophy. Western liberalism traditionally presents its core values around individual freedom and equality. It is also typically associated with democracy, capitalism, freedom of religion, and human rights. These principles have been highlighted in Europe and the United States for the past three hundred years and has served as the dominant ideology of modern Western society. However, although liberalism provides well-rooted concepts, there has been misconceptions throughout history that needed reevaluation. For example, laws throughout liberal societies have put constraints on racial and sexual equalities. Religious views have…show more content…
They broke out of the theological traditions to open their minds on a broader scope. Religious leaders did not have as strong of an influence in our society as the puritans would have liked. This opened our minds to more secular views, the conception of human nature and political relations in our society. But religion is still embedded into our constitution today. We still honor a code that worships one nation under god. But since the signing of the constitution, several new ideas and beliefs were made to truly ensure freedom of religion in our country. Immanuel Kant sheds light on why we need to stand up for our beliefs and how to rid ourselves of immaturity in his article on Enlightenment.

In the article What is Enlightenment?, Kant explains that in order for us to succeed as the human race we must rid ourselves from our own self-imposed immaturity. Immaturity, he explained, “is self-imposed when its cause lies not in lack of understanding, but in lack of resolve and courage to use our understanding without guidance from others.” Basically you must think for yourself in order to achieve Sapere Aude, or in other words, have the courage to use your own understanding to build the life you want to build. This is the precept of enlightenment. Kant’s ideas about taking responsibility in one’s own actions is one of the reasons we have evolved to where we are today. But it has taken hundreds of years to evolve to where we are and the
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