Lies And Deception Research Paper

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Deception is a bitter word that sounds poisonous within its self and indeed it is for it can destroy relationships, ruin lives and deplete health. The forms of deception which will be discussed in this essay is lying, falsification and self-concealment. Deception is an action that builds its foundation off of lies, which results in a cataclysmic domino effect of consequences. As a result, deception cannot be justified, because of the calamity it creates. One of the most common ways an individual avoids a situation is by lying. My sisters and I once had a dog whom we loved very dearly for many years. One day our dog wasn’t as active as she usually was, this caused my sisters and I to become concerned about her wellbeing. Once we told our…show more content…
Research form the Journal of Social & Clinical Psychology goes into depth on how 〖self concealmentĄ 〗^1 can harm the emotional state of one’s self. According to the Journal of Social & Clinical Psychology its states, “Self-Concealment can affect health primarily through secret-keeping behaviors and maladaptive emotion regulation processes.” (Larson). What this information reveals is that consciously retaining negative emotions can cause an individual to develop health problems. In order to conceal negative emotions or experiences one must justify to themselves if hiding information from family and friends is deemed necessary. In result the individual develops an excuse which allows them to suppress information at will, but ultimately; the individual does not realize they are deceiving themselves thinking it is okay to hide (highly intimate and negative) experiences and emotions from loved ones. As result people who conceal negative thoughts and emotions are most likely to suffer from “depression, anxiety, distress, physical symptoms, various indices of mental health, and negative health behaviors.” (Larson). Self-concealment is never a good way to deal with negative emotions for it can cause health problems, which will dwell with the individual for as long as they live if they do not open up to
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