Life After Death Analysis

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Every person has heard, been told, or even read this quote. There are those images that attract the eyes immediately with its abstract features and colors. Then there are the pictures with deep, symbolic messages trying to persuade. However, some images are made specifically for the purpose to promote someone or a product, and they usually use methods that guarantee will either be controversial, or popular. For example, in the music industry, the main purpose is to stand out. One of the music bands that always stand out are Iron Maiden. Derek Riggs, the artist of most of the band’s artwork, created the famous album artwork: Life After Death in 1985. Many people can see the relation of the dark theme album to the band’s dark, heavy rock music. Derek Rigg was inspired mainly by the main mascot of the band, which is a skeleton, named Eddie. It is presumably rising from the death, or from its grave with the headstone reading, ‘Edward T H’: the mascots full name. The visual analysis includes the complex forms and colors that surround the dark theme. The colors, setting and tone are the most essential when it comes to the final understanding of what the image wants to portray.
The main colors of the artwork Life After Death are the complimentary blue and yellow. There is no other colors, however, the artwork looks like it is full of life and strangely, colorful. The main background color is blue, that fades into a few shades darker as the

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