Life Begins at Conception

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Life Begins at Conception In 2010, President Barack Obama signed an executive order to enforce that federal loans would not be used in abortion services (“Background: “Should” 4). The pros and consist of the choice being available to women when they need it and the cons consist of safety concerns for the living fetus. As a nation, Abortion needs to be made illegal because life begins at conception because abortion is unsafe, a waste of money, a loss of opportunity, and a toll of psychological pain. In 1821, Connecticut was the first state to make abortion illegal (“Background: “Should” 40. By the 1900s, most physicians banned abortions due to safety concerns. By 1965, all 50 states in the U.S. had outlawed abortion (3). Medicaid funding for abortion had ended by 1976 (3). Many pro life leaders and groups have publicly denounced extremism against abortion providers and clients.

Every fetus has a unique genetic code and begins to exist at the moment of their conception (“Student Action” 1). Abortion goes against natural law, and has left

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America unable to repopulate fast without immigration assistance (2). Abortion destroys the bonds that bind families together and scares all aspects of the family.

Life is prolonged through medicine and technology. Abortion might not seem bad, but it affects the natural order (Seindensticker 2). In nature, it is not natural for a baby’s life to be taken intentionally through medicine. In the Bible, abortion is
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