Life Chances And The Quality Of Life

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Life chances are how likely some ones like will turn out given certain factors. These life chances contribute to your quality of life and your chances at success. “Max Weber lists property ownership, education, health care, food, clothing and shelter, as the main factors that define an individual's life chances” ( For example a life chance would be if you were born into poverty and a broken family. The chances of you have a high social status, and good quality life are lower. In my personal life I have faced many life chances that would limit a person by definition of life chances. I was born into a poor family that was broke. I have two parents that are criminals and addicts. From the time I was born my life chances where against me. I personally can see how life chances are truly how our society works. Because of my family’s situation I was luckily put into a boarding school for poor families. I lived their year round with my brothers and sisters because we didn’t go home because it was not safe. By being in this school I was being given a better life chances. The school ended at 8th grade, and I was lucky enough to get into another boarding school that deals with families in the same situations. Not all my brothers and sisters were lucky enough to get in. My twin sister was not accepted and she went to public school. She was bounced between many aunt and uncles during her high school years and never finished school. She went to multiple high schools,

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